HvA SDG-Challenge

The mission of the HvA SDG-Challenge is to inspire and mobilize students and organizations to work together on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). These goals are set to combat climate change and to reduce the inequalities in the world.

Multidisciplinairy student teams partner up with a leading company to work together on an SDG-Challenge of a company. By doing so, we are aiming at contributing to the business and providing the students with the tools to act as a sustainability consultant.

The organization of the SDG-Challenge developed a special "pressure-cooker", that enables teams will to come up with tangible and actionable ideas that will contribute to the SDGs.


"HvA SDG-Challenge" is a platform that activates the whole university and organizations to critically think about present-day sustainability topics and take action together.

Supported by the Centre for Economic Transformation (CET)

This Challenge has been launched with backing from the HvA’s new Centre for Economic Transformation (CET): a platform where researchers, teachers and students team up with companies and organizations that want to accelerate towards sustainable, just and future-proof business practices.

The CET has chosen to support this SDG Challenge because of a shared aim to activate the university and external organizations to critically think about present-day sustainability topics and take action together. For more information about CET, click here.

Business partners & challenges

What SDG-Challenge are the companies and student consultant teams working on? Check it out below!

How it works

1. Registration phase (February-April)

2. Kick Off
(April 29th)

  • Celebratory moment to meet the organisations
  • Get familiar with the challenges

3. SDG-Sprint Day
(May 6th)

  • Student consultant team works with business partner on the SDG-Challenge through “pressure-cooker”

4. Final @ HvA
(May 21st)

  • Presentations solutions of the SDG-Challenges
  • Speeddates
  • Award ceremony by jury
  • Networking drinks

Jury & Criteria

Teams will be evaluated by an expert jury

Teams will be evaluated by an expert jury Throughout the challenge, teams are encouraged to develop their ideas into realistic and well-founded solutions with a goal of creating a better future. Integrated elements in the final evaluation will be: short and long-term impact on the SDGs, innovativeness and originality, sustainability, technical feasibility, scalability and economic viability.

HvA SDG-Challenge vs UAS SDG-Challenge

In addition to the HvA SDG-Challenge, AUAS also participates in the national Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) SDG-Challenge .

What are the main differences between the HvA SDG-Challenge and the UAS SDG-Challenge?

HvA SDG-Challenge

  • You will work in a team with students from the Faculty of Business and Economics from the AUAS
  • There is room for 25 to 30 students
  • It requires a time investment of approximately 12-14 hours (excluding preparation time)

UAS SDG-Challenge

In the UAS SDG-Challenge, 10 Universities of Applied Sciences participate together with the HvA.

  • You will work in an interdisciplinary team with students from other UAS
  • There is room for 15 students and 1 employee
  • It requires a time investment of approximately 16 hours of your time (excluding preparation time)

Can I sign up for both challenges?

Yes, you can sign up for both challenges, but you can (after being selected) only participate in one of the challenges.

What is the selection procedure?

You will be selected based on your background and motivation letter. Soapbox will review all applications and participants will be selected based on the needs of the companies.


Want to know more about the SDG-Challenge?

Please contact us at: organisation@sdg-challenge.com

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